Techland Answers Dying Light 2 Questions in First Episode of Developer AMA Series


Techland has released its first Developer AMA episode about Dying Light 2 with questions from the community. In March, the developer asked for the developer to send in questions on its official Discord server. Over nine thousand players submitted their questions. Not all questions were answered in the first episode, but the developer stressed that this was “only the beginning.”

The 12-minute video is hosted by Tymon Smektała, Lead Game Designer of Dying Light 2. The video not only covers some of the most frequently asked questions out of thousands asked about content in the game. There was no information about the release window of the game, but during the March update, the developer stated the game is expected to be out this year.

Here is the list of questions and a summary of their answers asked during Developer AMA Episode 1. There may be spoilers of gameplay currently in development:
How big is the map of Dying Light 2?
It’s about double the size of all of the maps from Dying Light 1 combined and almost 7 sq km, not including the verticality of the world. Players can expect to explore various heights, from skyscrapers, roofs, bridges, and more.

What is that zombie with branches on its back? Volatile already gave me a mini heart attack. I’m worried I’ll lose my life now.
Volatiles are even scarier in Dying Light 2, but the zombie with branches is a new type of infected enemy in the game. Players can make him appear in the game depending on their decisions, so it’s possible it may not appear for some.

Are there going to be zombies at night, or will we see some wandering around on rooftops?
In Dying Light, the day is for humans, but the night is for the infected. At night, the infected hide in dark places, and there are fewer appearing in the day. Bandits and other humans are more likely to appear in sunlight. Players can attract an infected enemy out during the day for a short amount of time before it retreats into the darkness. Regarding rooftops, this is where civilization is trying to rebuild, so these are locations reserved mostly for safe zones, farms, and more. It is possible a stray infected may be lurking on the rooftops during the day.

Okay, what about the guns?
There are no firearms in the world of Dying Light 2. They were destroyed in the civil war, and no one has been able to recreate them directly. Instead, players will use other ranged weapons such as bows and other “modern” ages type items. Crafting items will be an important part of the game again, including a handmade yet fragile shotgun.

Is the grappling hook still in the game or as it was in the extended gameplay trailer. If “yes,” how does it work?
The grappling hook is still in the game but has been reworked. The item will be much more realistic compared to the “Spiderman” gameplay of the original, while Dying Light 2 is more compatible to “Tarzan.” The tool can also be used as a weapon.

Will there be cars/vehicles in the main game area?
Players will drive in a vehicle, as soon in the gameplay demo, for one mission, but the primary focus is on the DNA of Dying Light: parkour, jumping, and running. The developer also mentioned a paraglider will be used at some point.

How many choices do you have that actually change the world and story?
Players will make decisions based on three levels of importance. The first level will ultimately change the story and affect the ending. The second level contains decisions that only affect the quest or side mission Aiden is on at the time. These decisions will have small changes in the world, such as rescuing a singer and later seeing her perform in a safe zone. The final level will affect the city itself and the factions within. Players will begin seeing the city changes depending on which factions they are aiding, which may help or harm the other survivors.

How diverse are regions in Dying Light 2? Will we see fields and plans, suburbs, or any additional locations?
There are two main regions within the city: a main industrial hub and a section similar to Old Town. Both regions contain several smaller sections with store buildings to explore. These regions may change depending on which factions players help the most.

Only eight questions were answered in the AMA, and it’s unknown how often the developer will host these Q&A sessions. The channel for the Q&A appears to have been closed temporarily since they have thousands of questions to choose from for the next Developer AMA session.

Dying Light 2 launches in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S.


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