The Anacrusis: How to Change Characters


The Anacrusis, the first game by developers Stray Bombay, has finally launched in Early Access and as part of the Xbox Game Pass library for January. Using inspiration from Left 4 Dead, this cooperative shooter pits players against an alien horde on a Starship. Players are cast as one of four characters as they blast their way through to safety.

Just like any other game, players may end up having a preference for a certain character, due to their differing personalities, cosmetics, or just because. As such, you may be wondering how to change your character to your preferred member of the squad.

How to Change Your Character in The Anacrusis

Short answer: you can’t. There’s currently no option to change your character in-game. The lobby host will always be Guion, with the joining players making up Nessa, Liu, and Lance in that particular order.

If you have friends to play with, the only way to play as your favorite character is by joining in the order for the character you want. However, matchmaking will be randomized so you’ll be out of luck.

However, The Anacrusis has only launched today, and as stated previously, is an Early Access game. There’s a high chance that Stray Bombay will put out an update that will allow you to select your character, or maybe set a preference when joining a lobby. Unfortunately, no such mechanic is available right now.

The Anacrusis is available in Early Access today, on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles.


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