Pokémon GO January 2022 Spotlight Hour Schedule: Solosis, Diglett, and More


Pokémon GO starts 2022 with a host of new Spotlight Hour events in January, offering players the chance to go on a catch-a-thon every Tuesday of the month. This January features four different Spotlight Hour Pokémon, and each week you’ll receive a boost of either 2x Transfer Candy, Catch Candy or Catch Stardust.

In this guide, we’ll break down each of the Spotlight Hour Pokémon appearing in-game this month and teach accompanying bonus. We’ll also cover whether these Spotlight Hour Pokémon are available in Shiny form during their hour of increased spawns for all you Shiny collectors out there.

Spotlight Hour Schedule for January 2022.

Each of the following spotlight hours will take place on the given dates from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time. That means no matter where you are in the world, Niantic will overload your local streets with Spotlight Hour Pokémon for that sixty minutes. With all that said, let’s get into the four Pokémon included in the Spotlight Hour event schedule this month.

Solosis – January 4th


This little Psychic-type is the first Spotlight Hour Pokémon for January 2022, on January 4th. Solosis takes 125 Candy to evolve into Reuniclus, so if you need to add this line of Pokémon to your Pokédex, this is the best opportunity you’ll get. To make even more Solosis Candy make sure to transfer any spare Solosis you might have to the professor before the hour is out, and you’ll receive a 2x Transfer Candy bonus.

Unfortunately, Solosis is the only Pokémon on this month’s Spotlight Hour roster that isn’t available in its Shiny form during the event. Still, it’s worth making the most of these increased Solosis spawns so that when the Shiny version is in the wild, you have enough Candy to make your special Pokémon fully evolved and battle-ready.

Diglett – January 11th


First-generation favourite Diglett emerges from the earth for January’s second Spotlight Hour. This Ground-type will spawn in massive numbers on January 11th, accompanied by the always handy 2x Catch Stardust bonus that goes a long way to building up your Stardust for evolutions and more. It’s worth getting a hold of all the Diglett you can as its evolution Dugtrio can still pack a punch in the Great League.

This second Spotlight Hour of the month is the first to include Shiny variations, so you will be able to encounter a Shiny Diglett during the sixty minutes if luck is on your side. Unfortunately, Shiny Diglett does only have a subtle change to its colour pallet, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled during the event.

Plusle – January 18th


One way to secure a positive start to the year is by catching this Electric-type Pokémon during its Spotlight Hour on January 18th. The first of two supercharged mouse Pokémon arriving via Spotlight Hour in January, Plusle comes alongside a 2x Catch Candy boost and is available in its Shiny form during the event.

Minun – January 25th


Pokémon Go’s last Spotlight Hour addition for January 2022 is Minun, the negative to Plusle’s positive. Like its counterpart, Minun has the chance of spawning as Shiny during the Spotlight Hour event, allowing you to add both Shiny variations of Plusle and Minun to your roster before the end of the month. Minun also brings another 2x Transfer Candy, with the professor generously doubling any Candy for transferred Pokémon.

That’s our breakdown of the Spotlight Hour Pokémon for January 2022 in the world of Pokémon GO. For more on Niantic’s AR hit title, see our guide to powering up Pokéstops to get the most out of your in-game items. Or, if you’re still trying to get one over on Giovanni before the month is out, see our advice for taking on the Team Rocket tyrant.

Pokémon GO is available now on Android and iOS.


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