Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man Event: How to Get Rush Palamute


Monster Hunter Rise has launched the greatly received ‘Mega Man‘ event on September 24th. The Capcom collaboration is in full illustrious swing and the event itself brings along a new event quest for your character to triumphantly battle through in order to unlock the Monster Hunter Rise Rush palamute. This is brought to life by equipping layered armour gained from the quest onto your trusty palumute and they will be looking like Rush from Mega Man in no time at all!

How to unlock the Monster Hunter Rise Rush Palamute

Firstly, the event quest you will need to complete to obtain the layered armour is called the ‘Blue Bomber’s Best Bud’. Your Nintendo Switch will have to be online and connected to the network so you can download the new event quest. All event quests can be downloaded in the Gathering Hub by talking to Minoto. Players will have to be above Hunter Rank 4 to take on the Mega Man quest.

Now that you have downloaded the event quest, you will want to complete it as soon as possible and you will be entering into an exhilarating arena fight against smaller Zinogre and will be a fast hunt to execute. Once you have completed the quest, you’ll gather the parts for the layered armour you need in order to build the armour.

Hunters who want to know what to prepare for the event quest to complete it with efficiency and ease will take pride in knowing that the Zinogre have a major weakness to ice elemental attacks. This will give you an upper edge on the battle and combining this knowledge with the fact that water is another weakness for the Zinogre. Lightning is the monster’s elemental proficiency so preparing for a battle that will involve a lot of lightning damage will be vital to succeed quickly.

After finishing the quest and gathering all the parts you need, you can now build the armour you need to unlock Rush and equip it. You will now have an excellent companion from Mega Man to accompany you on your daring hunts in the field. Simply travelling in style to all of the places you will venture within the world of Monster Hunter Rise.

What Does the Rush Palamute do?

The Monster Hunter Rise Rush palamute offers a myriad of new custom animations to bear witness to along with more aesthetic and functional uses as a whole. From spring jumps to rocket booster thrusters to traverse the land with, there is something for everyone with this palamute.

The armour colour itself can also be changed and altered to fit your specific stylised tastes. Along with the custom animations that can be seen on Rush, the very base original pet animations can also be used on Rush if you’re wanting to see what they look like on the good doggo from the Mega Man franchise.


Will you be taking the leap into the Mega Man event quest to slay Zinogre’s and obtain Rush?

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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