COD Mobile – How to 1v1


In Call of Duty Mobile you can 1v1 players if you want to, whether that’s for practice or for bragging rights.  It can actually be done pretty easily using the in-game friends list and the private match feature.  If you want to play another COD Mobile player in 1 versus 1 match in team deathmatch, you can simply follow the guide below.

How to Play 1v1 in CoD Mobile

To start a one v one in COD Mobile you simply need to start a private multiplayer match and use the in-game tools to invite the person you want to play.  To do this, select multiplayer and then select “Private” on the left hand side of the screen.  This will open up a Private Multiplayer Lobby like in the image above.

From here you can click the “Invite Friends” button at the top of this screen.  This will open a dropdown that allows you to invite any of the friends on your list to your room to play a game.  There are numerous ways to invite other players.  You can choose to invite friends you’ve already met, clan members, and you should be able to add players you’ve recently played against in an update that’s coming soon.

Once you’ve got the player in your room you can simply start the match and it will last for as long as you set the game for.

There are numerous settings that you can use in a Private 1v1 match in COD Mobile. This includes kill limit, time limit, spectators, allow invites, and set a password for the room.


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