Best Elden Ring Classes: Which Starting Class Should You Choose?


From Software’s open-world adventure Elden Ring is nearly here, and many players are wondering which of the starting classes is the best to choose before beginning the game. Just like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring allows players to choose a class with predetermined stats and starting equipment at the beginning of the game. This will affect your playstyle and gear, so it’s a pretty important choice. Here’s everything you need to know about the starting classes in Elden Ring.

All Elden Ring Classes Explained

Elden Ring will have a total of 11 classes in the full game, but the network test only has 5 for players to try out. Here are all five of them and their starting gear.

Does Class Matter?

Your chosen class matters as much as it does in other From Software games. It will affect your character’s starting stats and equipment, so you should choose one that lines up with your preferred playstyle and ideal build. Someone planning a full strength build should probably avoid classes focused on magic, for example.

Of course, you aren’t locked into a certain playstyle if you choose a certain class. You can always add skill points wherever you want when you level up, letting you pick up new weapons and abilities even if they’re not traditionally for your chosen class.



The Warrior begins the game with two scimitars that can be dual-wielded. If you’re a single sword type of person, then it also comes with a small buckler shield. Its primary stats are dexterity and endurance, giving this build high stamina and proficiency with one-handed swords. It’s a flexible class, so you can do basically anything with it.

Enchanted Knight

The Enchanted Knight is still a melee class, but it has a few magic tricks up its sleeve. It begins the game with a spear and a shield, giving it great range in combat. It also comes equipped with two Sorceries: a ranged attack called Glintstone Pebble and a lance attack called Carian Piercer. With primary stats of strength and intelligence, this is a great class for those that want to mix some spells into their melee build.


The Prophet is a magic-focused class. Its only melee weapon is a weak club, but it starts with two powerful spells. Heal allows you to heal yourself, and Beast Claw is a strong attack that can hit multiple foes. It has a high starting FP pool and a high Faith stat, making it the perfect mage class.


Champion is a melee-focused class that begins with a Battle Axe and a Shield. The Shield isn’t that great, so it’s better to two-hand the Battle Axe. It also comes with the Dragonfire pyromancy spell, giving this class a decent ranged attack. Its primary stats are Strength and Vigor, making this class perfect for an up-close melee build.

Bloody Wolf

Bloody Wolf is a class that experienced Souls fans will enjoy. It comes equipped with a Bastard Sword and a small Shield, but the sword is best used with two hands. If you like big sword builds in Dark Souls, then this is the class for you. It has high Strength, so this is the best class for large weapons with slow, powerful attacks.

Elden Ring will be released on February 25, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2021


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