Top 5 Best Supercars in GTA Online (2022)


There are so many amazing cars in GTA Online but what ones do we think are the best and more importantly what ones will help you beat your mates in a race. Throughout this list you might be thinking what is the logical format to this list. Well we’ll be working off of supercars that are in the same class and these will be ranked from worst to best in said class. The class we’re working from today is Super – Obviously. So let’s see what cars we have and if you can afford them.

5.  Pegassi Zorusso


The Zorusso appeared in GTA Online as part of the Diamond Casino & Resort update.  The Zorusso has great traction and a top speed of 100 mph. The vehicle is rear wheel drive meaning it is slightly slower to move of the mark but once it’s going it’s pretty damn good. The handling of the vehicle is pretty good as well though you still need to break for corners, overtaking is a lot easier and controlled. Overall it is a well-balanced supercar. The supercar alone – without any modifications – costs  1,925,000.

4. Overflod Autarch


The Autarch is a competitive car in GTA 5 but it’s not as fast as come other supercars. The car has a top speed of 114 mph. But the car’s traction is what puts it on the list. The Autarch is one of the best in GTA Online when it comes it this. The car has outstanding capabilities when it comes to cornering. The car featured in The Doomsday Heist update. The word Autarch means “absolute ruler” or “ruler who has absolute power” To buy the Autarch it will set you back about $1,955,00.

3. Progen Emerus


The Emerus was featured in the Diamond Casino & Resort update of GTA Online. It has a top speed of 112 mph and it does 0-60 in just 4.13 seconds. The handling of the car is sometimes difficult as it is unsettled by uneven roads. The car also has a very low suspension. which can be used as an advantage. though, as it’s traction is good and it can take sharp turns. The main point of this car is the design and how good the car looks. If you want one of these it will cost you $2,750,000.

2. Annis S80RR


The S80RR was also featured in the Diamond Casino & Resort update. The car is rear-wheel drive though despite this the acceleration is surprisingly good. The top speed is comparable with most other cars of it’s class. The handling of the vehicle is in fact one of the best in the game with the ability to steer sharply and easily regain control if the car wobbles off. The car handles well on uneven road surfaces. We’d recommend this for races that include sharp turns and twists. This car will cost you about $2,575,000 and apart from it’s horrible looks why would you not want to buy it.

1. Pegassi Tezeract


The Tezeract is an electric car  and it was featured in the Southern San Andrea Super Sport Series update of GTA Online. The Acceleration of the Tezeract is a lot slower than other electric vehicles within the game though how fast it eventually gets is pretty damn impressive. It reaches speeds that rival other supercars and noticeably higher than some.  The Tezeract was also the first electric car in the game to feature a different engine sound. To buy this will cost you $2,825,000 but there is an upside in the fact you won’t need to pay road tax I suppose.

So there it is lads. Chose your pick and get flaunting your brand new motor. Do Remember that all these cars can be modified – the prices within the article are just base prices – so make sure you give your car all the awesome stuff it needs. Oh and make sure you specifically invite one of your mates into your session so that you can show them it and give them a race – that’s what I’ll be doing!

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2022


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